About KARU


'Karu' means 'artisan' when translated from Sanskrit. At Karu Research, the preservation of Indian handicraft is brought to the forefront through intimate collaboration with master craftspeople all around the country to create modern menswear. Karu Research is an Indian luxury brand that references India's cultural heritage. Each piece of clothing has some element of the hand in it. Over the past two years of developing the brand, we have built relationships with handloom weavers from Andhra Pradesh and Bengal, hand embroiderers from Delhi and Bengal and Natural Dyers from Karnataka and Odisha. Each artisan we work with comes from a lineage of craftspeople that have helped preserve their work, ensuring a high degree of quality and expertise in each garment. Karu Research was founded by Kartik Kumra in his sophomore year of university when he travelled to different artisanal clusters around India in order to better understand the processes and the value that the artisans place on their craft. 

                                                       Karu Research Est. 2021